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Historic Gaslamp District the birthplace of Gaslamp Popcorn

The History of Popcorn

Just who was the first to create popcorn? This answer has multiple theories. For instance, archeological evidence shows that the natives in Peru created the first popped corn about 6,700 years ago! Some history points to the Peruvian's using popcorn for trade around 1519.

Closer to home, the history of popcorn may belong to Native Americans. It has been documented that they be the ones that were the first to cook kernels of corn. As the story goes, the Indians realized that the kernels popped after they threw the corn cobs into the fire. Not only did this became a staple for the Indian tribes, they also used the popped corn for decorations and even for some early jewelry designs!

Popcorn History for the Gaslamp Popcorn Company

Where did we get our name, anyways? The Gaslamp District of San Diego was named in the 1860's as a reference to the gas lamps that were common in San Diego in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. And since popcorn was a common snack being sold in small handmade batches throughout the area, we thought it fitting to keep the gourmet popcorn heritage alive. So in 1998, Gaslamp Popcorn was born. And although we don't have the historical significance of our early popcorn makers, over the last decade we have become California's old fashioned popcorn snacking favorites.

We are proud of the heritage of making popcorn. Every kernel is popped by the popcorn experts, all handmade in small batches, using only pure cane sugar, canola oil, and popcorn ... with just a pinch of sea salt. Take a pop, and you'll see why.

And since our early days with the Gaslamp District, we've grown up with Calfornians and families all over this great state. We've expanded into major retailers in California, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Arizona and Idaho. We've exploded with amazing tried and true flavor profiles - as well as amazing "limited edition" flavors. We're proud of our Gaslamp District roots - and of what makes us different from all of the other bagged popcorns - and of our ability to bring all of you the most delicious, gluten-free, non-GMO, and outrageous popcorn available on the planet! Now, that's the history of popcorn we really want to talk about.

Gaslamp Popcorn Made in California

We started making our kettle corn in the historic Gaslamp district of San Diego nearly two decades ago. We are proud of our California beginnings and becoming one of America's favorite old fashioned gourmet popcorn snacks.

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